ye. - alright alone (feat. Josh Jacobson)


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ye. - alright alone (feat. Josh Jacobson): https://soundcloud.com/pron...

Thanks for watching guys. I appreciate every view, and if you like what I have to offer I hope to get new videos pumped out all the time, so I would love to see you stick around and subscribe. I am an up and coming artist myself but I love to show you guys all of my favorite finds. So if you see Community Music in our videos it isn't mine, but something you guys just need to check out.

Ye. is a great artist that has only a couple bigger songs in the edm world. The biggest one to take note of is "Breath" by pluto and ye. He also has a remix of "Truth Be Told" by THEY. that is amazing. This new EP he released 24 hours ago is amazing. My two favorites being the uploads for today "Drive" and "Alright Alone" featuring Josh Jacobson. Ye. has a period at the end of his name. Just like all of his social media says, it's pronounced "yea." I was actually brought to ye through "Feel the Fire" with pluto ("feel the fire" is a lyrical version of "breath" with a different mix and a couple unique sounds and it is labelled most places as "Feel the Fire (Breath)"), but I was always brought to ye. instead of pluto for whatever reason, so I've been following him for a while. Ye. is a really talented artist and another guy that we shoulf keep our eyes open for popping up in SoundCloud's EDM sections. Anyways enjoy the double upload today! BUT TUNE IN TOMORROW @ 4! I'm dropping my first single on the channel.


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I do not claim any part of this song to be mine, nor will I try to advance myself using this track, this upload is merely to give the world great sound.


Producer Notes:

I am looking to collab with any artists that produce in any genre or any DAW.
I'm flexible, it will more than likely get an upload here, a post on My SoundCloud,
and if I have a Spotify up and running maybe there or something.


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