How to support your woman who goes to Power of the Sacred Feminine Workshop


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Peruquois and her husband Dragoslav speak on how to support your beloved who goes to the Power of the Sacred Feminine workshop. Which is a 2-days women's workshop. It is a deep and incredible empowering space for women. Peruquois brings in wild plethora of feminine practices created to:

- Awakening feminine power
- Opening up sensual body
- Deep emotional cleansing
- Rooting in feminine essence and creative potential
- Cleaning womb and yoni
- Creating a sisterhood circle of one woman
- Learning the essentials of creative manifesting
- Open up to true divine feminine potential

Workshop practices: Vocal Yoga, Emotional Cleansing, Vocal Tantra, Breath techniques, Dance practices, ancient chants including native american shamanic chants, meditative sound practices.


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