5 Alien Races That Might Be Living on Earth!

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We still don’t know whether the idea of aliens is actually true or not. Some people have come up with theories that try to explain the existence of aliens and how they actually exist. Some of the theories suggest that aliens live on another planet and come to Earth to take care of mankind, looming over earth like gods. Other theories also suggest that aliens are the reason man exists in the first place. We have compiled a list of aliens that we believe are in contact with Earth as we speak. So with this being said, prepare, because here are 5 Alien Races You Won't Believe Are Living On Earth! Lets begin!

1. The Yahyel

People have been talking about what the first alien species to visit earth will be and we think that this will be the Yahyel. These are alien species that are perceived to be in contact with Earth by a great deal. They are known to be friendly and live harmoniously with other beings, whether humans or aliens. They know that humans are not the most accommodative species on Earth and they are therefore taking their time to familiarize themselves with us before they can join the party. They are also known to be excited about technology and may be the stepping stone to the next generation technology. Whether this is true or not, we are yet to confirm.

2. The Nordics

The Nordics are another alien species that are said to be in direct contact with Earth. They are known to be extremely attractive as far as beauty is concerned. They are made up of blue beautiful eyes with tall structures and athletic bodies. These alien species are mostly interested in the well-being of the humans than other alien species and are mostly seen in the company of other alien species such as the Grays. From the looks, it is obvious that they are not just beautiful but also appealing. We hope to meet one of these species in a near future to atleast get their side of the story.

3. Arcturians

The Arcturiuans are known to be one of the most ancient aliens to visit Earth. They are also known to be the wisest and it is believed that most of the other alien descendants must have come from them. Over the years, these aliens have mutated, become so distinctive and have given rise to several other forms of aliens. On their own, the aliens stand at 5 feet tall and have green wide eyes that can see great distances. Their bodies do not grow so big and therefore you can easily challenge them in a fist fight. However, they are known to be extremely intelligent in mind and can use any means necessary to win a fight.

4. Grays

The Grays species are one of the other alien species that are known to be in contact with Earth. They are known to exist in a galaxy that is a few light years away which makes them one of the closest neighbors from space we will ever have. However, with these type of guests lingering just above the Earth, you might want to forget inviting them over for dinner due to their aggressiveness. They are the worst friends you will have and most of the alien depiction we have seen in the media depict the Grays.

5. The Sassani

Just like in human and other animal species, the aliens also have a hybrid species among them. The Sassani are a hybrid that are as a result of interaction between the Grays and the reptilians. They are also tall creatures like the Grays and have huge eyes and extremely lean structures. It is said that these aliens couldnt naturally mutate to be aliens on their own. Instead, they had to be developed as a result of cloning.

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