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Song: Forevermore
Album: ...
Year: 2016
Copyright © BrunuhVille

Hey guys!
I'm back with a new song after a month where I had no real time to focus and work on my music. Things are a bit better now so hopefully I can start uploading on a more constant pace again if inspiration strikes.
Here's "Forevermore". Pretty much a break from the "heavier" stuff I've been doing with 8+minute songs. It's something I really like to create but haven't been doing for some time which is emotional uplifting music with a touch of some epic and even celtic elements in the middle.
Personally , if you allow myself to be totally honest with you, this wouldn't be a song I would upload. For various reasons I have a lot of GB o songs I never released or even finished. Probably the top reason why I am uploading it is because I haven't uploaded in a while I was starting to feel bad about it so I managed to finish and upload it for you because I know a lot of you enjoy this type of songs a lot.
So... I hope you enjoy it!
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